Vehicles & Transportation

Unit leaders, please review this important information regarding transportation and parking. We have been working with the Falmouth Police Department and the management of the Cape Cod Fairgrounds to develop a plan for traffic and parking that will keep those on the fairgrounds property safe as well as keep Rt #151 and the roadways around the fairgrounds clear of traffic back-ups. We will require everyone cooperation to implement this plan.

Units seeking to leave a trailer onsite, requesting to carry in their gear, or requesting Friday evening arrival must complete the Unit Arrival Survey.


 This includes all Webelos Dens. All units coming to MJ ’18, troops, Webelos dens, ships, crews and posts must plan to carpool to keep the number of vehicles in the parking lots to a minimum.  PLEASE – no cars with one or two occupants. We cannot accommodate drivers who plan to just drop off passengers to avoid congestion in the parking lot with vehicles just unloading. All drivers must plan to park for the weekend. While tempting for units who live locally, you must select a meeting place to consolidate your riders into as few vehicles as possible. Please work with the leadership of your unit, the parents and drivers to make sure vehicles are being filled with passengers.


ONLY ONE equipment vehicle from your unit will be allowed on the camping area. Units wishing to keep their trailer in their campsite must request to do so by completing the Unit Arrival Survey. Space for trailers is limited and requests will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. We urge you to locate and make arrangements for an equipment vehicle NOW! If you have a unit trailer, can borrow or rent a trailer for the weekend, that will be great for transporting your equipment to your campsite. That should be a plus for unloading and then reloading your unit’s equipment after the event.  The vehicle towing the trailer MUST leave the campsite area and will be parked in a parking lot set aside for trailer towing vehicles for the weekend. If you are using a pick-up truck, van or other vehicle as your equipment vehicle, that vehicle must leave the camping area when it is unpacked, go to the parking area and will not be allowed back onto the camping area until Monday morning. Gear vehicles will proceed directly to the MassJam site on Saturday morning, and follow instructions of the staff. Please have some helpers in the equipment vehicle to help unload so it clear the site quickly. 

Friday Evening Arrival

This year we will be allowing scheduled Friday night arrivals in the camping area.  Units wishing to take advantage of Friday night arrival must request to do so through the survey to take part in the lottery before September 5. All Friday night arrivals must arrive between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Friday, October 5th. DO NOT just show up on Friday night. A Scout is courteous. You must use the lottery form to request a Friday evening arrival.

Light Fighter Units

Backpacking units may wish to pack their gear into the MJ ’18 campsite from the Rt. #151 parking lot. This means your unit is not allowed to bring an equipment trailer or vehicle onto the fair grounds, and everything you need for the weekend will be carried in on your backs. Use the survey to sign up for this option.

Offsite Parking

All passenger vehicles, on Saturday morning will be parking in the Steamship Authority Cataumet Lot. Shuttle busses will transport passengers and no more than a day pack in their lap to the Mass Jam 2018 site. All major gear should be in or on the equipment trailer, so the buses may be filled with the maximum number of passengers for the bus ride.

Bourne Bridge Construction

In September 2018, you will hear of work being done on the Bourne Bridge leading to Cape Cod.  When the work is on-going the bridge will be reduced to one lane in each direction getting onto and leaving Cape Cod.  We have been in contact with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and they have assured us that the construction equipment and barriers will be removed from the Bourne Bridge from Friday, October 5th through Monday, October 8th, so there will be no construction slowdowns travelling to or leaving Mass Jam 2018.