Departure Procedures

The majority of vehicles will be offsite at the Steamship Authority Lot in Cataumet. All units will be given instructions on the procedure for checkout and departure by their Sub Camp Staff. Those units authorized to arrive early are asked not try to expedite their departure from the fairgrounds by moving equipment to cars on Sunday night. Equipment and tow vehicles will be given specific instructions by their subcamp on when they can enter the fairgrounds on Monday morning. 

Any unit (or individual driver) that does need to leave MassJam prior to Monday morning must advise the Sub Camp Staff at check in to schedule a time. We will have a 15 passenger van to shuttle people on an as need basis from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening. 

Shuttle buses transport passengers back to the offsite lot on Monday. If someone needs to leave on an urgent matter, tell your Subcamp chief and we will advise on transportation We cannot guarantee unit patches or ribbons will be available before Monday morning. 

Equipment and Tow Vehicles will not be allowed on the fairgrounds prior to 10AM on Monday.