Gear Up For Air Rifles

At the Rifle Action Center each member of your den/patrol/crew will have a chance to test your skill with an air rifle. How It Works: There are two important principles at work with an air rifle: propulsion and trajectory. Propulsion: Propulsion in an air rifle is achieved by compressing a pocket of air behind the pellet. There are different methods of compressing the air (spring-piston, pump pneumatic and others). When the trigger is pulled, it releases the elastic potential energy that is stored in the air. The pellet is then expelled from the chamber down the barrel of the rifle by the expanding column of pressurized air. Trajectory: It is important to understand that a pellet (or other projectile) does not travel in a straight line but rather in a parabola. As the pellet leaves the muzzle, gravity starts to act, bringing the path of the pellet downward. This is particularly important when sighting a rifle. A properly sighted rifle will allow the bullet trajectory to drop and intersect the line of sight at the target. Learn more about how air rifles work.