Gear Up For Climbing

At the Rock Climbing Action Center, the members of your den/patrol/crew will be able to experience climbing on a tower under the supervision of trained climbing instructors. The bouldering wall will also be available to test your agility. Please note that there is a weight limit of 250 lbs for this activity. How It Works: Climbing is a tug of war between the forces of gravity and friction. To succeed in climbing, you don’t need pure strength; you need to learn how to hold on to the rock in such a way to maximize the friction between your hands and feet and the rock. This will take the load off your arms. Friction is also important in belaying. It is friction between the rope and the device that reduces the force on a belayer’s arm. This is the key to allowing a smaller climber to safely belay a larger climber. Learn more about the physics of climbing.