Gear Up For Rockets

At the Rockets Action Center, your den/patrol/crew will have an opportunity to try your hand at launching a water bottle rocket that you have built to see how well you understand the principles of rocketry. There are many designs that are possible to construct a rocket using a two-liter soda bottle. The basic design is in the figure below. The Internet can give you details about how to construct your rocket. Bring your rocket to MassJam 2018 ready to go. We will have materials available if any last minute repairs are needed. The MassJam staff reserves the right to reject any rocket that is deemed unsafe (for example, sharp objects attached to the nose cone will not be allowed). Materials Needed: One complete 2-liter soda bottle rocket, ready to launch. How It Works: There are two major principles involved in successful rocket launch: thrust and guidance. Water bottle rockets are a fun way to see these principles in action. Thrust: Filling the bottle partially with water and then pressurizing the air in the bottle causes the water to be expelled out of the nozzle at high speed causing the rocket to shoot upward. Guidance: The nose cone reduces air resistance and the fins provide stability. Learn more about the physics of water bottle rockets