Gear Up For The Obstacle Course

At the Obstacle Course Action Center you will be running, jumping and climbing over and through obstacles.  Your patrol or crew will be challenged to make it through an obstacle course in speedy time.  In addition to teamwork, physics will play an important role in your success. How It Works: Obstacles, running and moment invoke friction and momentum. The climbing wall discussed friction.  For this lesson, we will focus on running.  Newton’s 1st law concerns moving objects and states that object in motion tend to stay in motion, objects at rest tend to stay at rest, unless acted upon by an external force.  If forces are balanced, an object won’t move. Running:  When you start running have you noticed that it takes an enormous burst to go from being still to running?   Have you ever been running and tried to take an abrupt turn?  Your body wants to keep moving forward.  Going from still to moving, or turning abruptly takes a lot of force. These are examples of Netwon’s 1st law. Try it:  Stand still and start running.  Once you are running take an abrupt turn.  When you are on the obstacle course notice how motion can help or hinder you. Learn more about the physics of motion.