Gear Up For Tomahawks

At the Tomahawk Action Center your patrol/crew will be given a chance to throw three tomahawks. How well can you do this? Can you get the tomahawk to hit the center of the gear targets? Come and see! How It Works: There are three major forces that play a role when throwing a tomahawk. Static friction is present when you hold the tomahawk and is a key in keeping your back foot steady as your make your throw. Your front foot uses sliding friction to keep it from accelerating forward along the ground. Air resistance can alter the speed at which the tomahawk travels. The harder you throw it, the more air resistance will be present, acting to slow the tomahawk down. How hard should you throw the tomahawk? That will depend on how far away you are from the target. The further away you are, the harder the throw you need to ensure the tomahawk completes a full rotation of the blade. Learn more about the physics of tomahawk throwing.