Special Events

MassJam Founders Honor Unit Award

A special ribbon will be awarded to Units whose patrol/crews/dens fully participate in MassJam activities. Criteria will include uniforms, patrol/crew/den spirit, program activities, site sanitation and clean up, religious services etc. Your unit will receive the MASSJAM Founders Award ribbon along with the MassJam 2018 patch when you leave. GO FOR IT! GOOD LUCK! 

Gathering of Eagles

There will be a gathering of Eagle Youth participant, youth and adult, on Saturday October 6th in the headquarters dining tent (near the Trading Post) at 4:00PM. Be sure the Eagles in your patrol/crew/troop/crew stop by! 

Leader Training Opportunities

Some Sub Camps will host a leader training opportunity during the day Sunday. You will receive a list of those courses being offered, with times and locations. 

Evening Program

Evening programs may take place in your sub camp where they will offer skits, comedy, music and audience participation. On one of the evenings, MassJam will offer a program which will take place in the Arena area. Your unit leader will be advised daily by their sub camp as to what the evening program will be. 

Religious Services

Religious services for Jewish, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Catholic and LDS faiths will be held. Others may lead services for other faiths. Talk to your Sub camp leaders to coordinate. 

Jewish – Midway Area – Friday Sunset 

Eastern Orthodox – Admin Bldg – Saturday 6:00PM 

Catholic Mass – Arena – Sunday 9:00AM 

Non-denominational – Grandstand – Sunday 9:00AM 

LDS Service – Midway Area – Sunday Sunrise